At The Divorce Firm, we represent parents in paternity issues. In the State of Florida, a paternity action is generally initiated to address financial and parental rights outside a divorce setting. A paternity action can be filed by a parent to assert their rights to time sharing as it relates to their child. If you are seeking to assert your rights to your child or to seek child support from another biological parent, we can help you explore if filing a paternity action is right for you. If you are responding to a paternity action, we will work with you to advise you on your rights both as it relates to time sharing and child support issues.

Many of our clients learn the hard way that informal agreements regarding child support and visitation often result in unnecessary and costly future litigation. As there is no formal record of an agreement, a party may claim that a difference arrangement has been in place. For example, a party receiving government assistance such as food stamps, may be claiming to have your child 100% of the time with no support.