The ending of a marriage can be a time of great uncertainty and involves decisions that can have a lasting financial and emotional impact on all parties involved. There are numerous changes that impact your financial stability, living situation, and the relationship you have with your children. At The Divorce Firm, we appreciate you trusting us with your most intimate of family legal matters and will advise on decisions you may be able to make today to avoid having to return to court in the future. The hiring of a divorce attorney can help you navigate this difficult process and guide you in decision that can minimize the disruption that a divorce can cause on you and your family.

At The Divorce Firm, our firm is dedicated to helping you reach your goals as soon as possible and within your budget. Our firm founder, Attorney Michel Agranoff is ready to aggressively litigate your case while ensuring that you understand the importance and potential cost savings of mediation and settlement negotiations. When negotiation fails, you can be confident that we will not be afraid to take your divorce case to trial to aggressively fight for your rights.