The Joys of A British Divorce

New clients often start off a consultation by explaining how someone is at fault for the divorce.  Florida is a no fault state which means that a divorce simply requires “irreconcilable differences.”  While fault may matter in certain property and financial issues, it is unnecessary to demonstrate fault to be allowed a divorce.  I just finished reading a great New York Times article where they gave examples of the flaws of fault based divorce.

In a hilarious article. the New York Times discussing that in Great Britain, a case was just appealed to determine whether serving canned tuna was sufficient grounds to divorce a spouse.  They go through some of the cases including one of a woman seeking to divorce her husband who insisted on speaking Klingon.  Apparently, a more common ground for divorce is body odor as there have been numerous divorce cases involving body odor.

Luckly, here in Florida, you do not need to prove a reason for divorce.  With the exception of a few states such as New York, the majority of the United States now has what is referred to as “no-fault” divorce.  There is no requirement that the other spouse agree to the divorce and we do not require legal separation prior to divorce.  If your marriage is at the point where you are ready to file for divorce, please contact our office to discuss your legal options.

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