Firm Overview

Dedicated to the practice of family law, The Divorce Firm is experienced and prepared to handle the most difficult cases. If you are looking for a firm that can provide you with the candid, knowledgeable, and effective legal representation that you deserve, you have found it. The Divorce Firm represents clients throughout Florida from our Orlando office. We are committed to providing personalized, individual attention to each of our clients and we limit our practice to family and matrimonial law to accomplish this. We offer aggressive legal counsel with a focus on legal strategies that addresses each client’s unique needs and concerns.

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Family Lawyer

At The Divorce Firm, we see each client as a person, not an billing code. We do not require our clients to work with paralegals or case managers. Finding the right law firm may be difficult, particularly when making a life altering decisions. You may face serious emotional, financial and personal repercussions depending on the outcome of your Family Court matter, and therefore your choice in attorney is important. When considering a firm, you may wish to inquire about who at the firm will personally handle your case, the roles of paralegals, and how many different “associates” may handle your case. If you are looking for personal attention from an experienced law firm, we encourage you to call 407-DIVORCE to schedule a consultation.

Reasonable Billing Philosophy – Common Sense Billing

We call our billing philosophy, “common sense.” We want our clients to respect us and work hard to earn their trust and we do not “look” for extra ways to bill clients. Some firms expect attorneys to bill a certain number of hours a month and meet their goals. How do they reach these goals? Can you imagine calling an attorney, leaving a message for a call back and getting billed six to twelve minutes for an attorney to listen to your voicemail? Then when they call back and leave a five second voicemail, you are billed for that as well? Then you are sent an email letting you know they tried calling and get billed for that as well. What would you say if a paralegal meets with you for an hour and then you receive a bill for another hour so an attorney can review you conversation with the paralegal.